I lost money in the market due to what I believe was a market correction, am I eligible?

Each investor has unique situations that we analyze before we accept the case. Investors have a tendency to believe that any stock market loss is due to poor luck or poor timing. However, we have found that institutional error is more widespread than the common investor has been led to believe. Our team examines overall account activity and the investors profile to determine where the fault lies.

One of the investments I made dropped substantially in value causing my overall portfolio to sustain a tremendous loss. Can my investment be recouped?

Your broker may be responsible. We advise you not to make a determination yourself. We will analyze your investment account and provide you with our opinion. Since our service is free we recommend you provide us with a concise description of your loss so we can determine if your investment can be recouped.

Is there a time limit on filing a claim?

Yes, the claim has more value the sooner it is filed. But, we still may be able to work on a claim that is less recent.

Is there a minimum on the size claim PCR handles?


How can PCR recover my investments if this is a free service?

We charge a percentage once a settlement/award is reached.

Is there a consultation fee?

No. Our services are absolutely free, the only way that we make money is if you make money.

Why should I use PCR?

Let our experience work for you. Our New York City-based legal counsel combined with our various financial consultants and our Founder/CEO form a powerful and successful team. CONTACT US HERE to find out if you are eligible for our service.